Fishing Thailand

Freshwater Fishing Thailand

According to there are at least 836 different varieties of freshwater fish to be found in Thailand, most are indigenous but some are introduced from foreign lands. Only 2 hours South of Bangkok and 15 minutes from the centre of the beautiful Royal Resort of Hua Hin, you have a chance to catch at least 39 of them in one location!

One of the most beautiful of the Thai freshwater fish has to be the Juliens Golden Price Carp (Pla Yeesok Thai) as shown here.

These extremely rare fish, which are on the critically endangered list of the World Wildlife Fund can be found along with Giant Siamese Carp (also critically endangered), Giant Mekong Catfish (also critically endangered), Clown Knifefish (endangered), Pacu, Tambaqui, Takok Tapien, Snakehead, Giant Gourami, Grass Carp, Suwai, Rohu, Arapaima, Arawana, Amazon Redtail Catfish, Tiger Catfish, Alligator Gar, Barramundi, North African (Sharptooth) Catfish, Asian Yellow Tail Catfish and others.

ALL of them at Hua Hin Fishing Lodge

So come on over you might get hooked!